How many boxes do we need... and how do we order boxes for our commercial move or for storage?

We can use the packaged bundles as a guide, a small office with just a few employees may require maybe 25 or 35 ReloCrates whereas a larger office may need 50, 70 or even 100+ boxes.

Although you are using ReloCrates for a business move use the price list and order form listed in the Residential section for packages under 70 ReloCrates. The residential and commercial rates are the same up to an order size of 70 boxes.

All types of companies shift from paper to online administration and communication. It can be challenging to estimate the required number of boxes. The nature of a business may include an archive and hundreds to thousands of files (like a legal or medical practice).

If you are not sure how many are required, book one of our packages listed and if it’s not enough we are happy to drop off some more if required, prices will be pro-rated.

Alternatively talk to a representative who can help guide you.

ReloCrate commercial pricing starts with orders in excess of 70 units, contact us directly for requirements in excess of this.

ReloCrates are convenient, affordable and green. ReloCrates saves trees, reduces cardboard waste in landfills and lowers your carbon footprint.

Of course, if you prefer us to arrange the entire move then talk to our team and let us co-ordinate the entire job!