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50 litre crates at only $1.75 each per week!
Minimum 50 crates per order
and minimum 2 weeks
(...ideal for house or office move!)

Strong, weatherproof, ready to go!

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When you move you will discover that our service is superior to old fashioned cardboard moving boxes in virtually every area: affordability, convenience and environmental impact!

Recycle is good but Reuse is
much better!

We can be a successful business AND do what is right for the environment. Yes it is possible to minimize human impact on the environment and create sustainable solutions that are cost effective and convenient too!

Recycling cardboard is not the answer because the product needs to be collected and reprocessed before it can be used again. Imagine the thousands of cardboard moving boxes used throughout Auckland!

ReloCrates are reused many hundreds of times - a much lower carbon footprint than inefficient cardboard moving boxes. We should all be passionate about using ReloCrate moving crates!

Eco-Friendly ReloCrates

Our ReloCrate rentals can be used for office and residential moves. Being impervious to dampness and vermin, they are also ideal for long term storage. Our moving crates are made from materials that can be reused many hundreds of times; when damaged they are simply and easily chipped down to be remolded into another ReloCrate – ready for another decade of work.

Using 39% less energy to recycle, representing 95% less solid waste, and resulting in 29% fewer green house gas emissions*.

*Based on research done by the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition  - USA