ReloCrates are perfect for storage of your valuable possessions. We all know Cardboard is not a safe way to protect belongings in storage. Dampness is a problem, especially in the upper part of New Zealand. Damp is cardboards enemy. Storage facilities offer a great service but the units are not usually insulated or heated and can be very humid when closed for a period of time. ReloCrates are impervious to dampness, have tight and secure lockable lids keeping rodents out and your precious belongings safe.

While most storage companies do everything they can to reduce rodents and other pest infestations it can never be completely eliminated

Cardboard boxes are merely an appetizer for rats and mice, while your precious photographs (or if a corporate client, your legal company documents which in New Zealand we are required to retain for seven years). We won’t mention the hygiene issues.

For both short term and long term storage solutions please contact us directly, we can then discuss your specific requirements.