The ReloCrate Story
A Crate Idea!!

Following a number of personal moving disasters, we started thinking about the moving process. In one case a move took almost two days due to a badly packed van needing to make two trips!

Rain and crushed cardboard boxes also caused significant damage to valuables.

Prior to that there was the issue of paying a fairly large sum for cardboard boxes which would be lucky to be used twice before either falling apart or being thrown out. After we purchased the boxes and got them home, we needed to assemble and tape their bottoms before we could even start packing!

We found that our story was not unique. Many people had similar (and worse) experiences.

But let's put aside these problems for a moment...

In New Zealand alone hundreds of thousands of households, businesses, Government and council departments move every year and use cardboard to pack their belongings.

We'll quickly do some math to make a point. An average move might need 60 boxes.  At an average weight of 500 grams per box, the typical move would use approximately 30 kilograms of cardboard. Say 250,000 moves per year, that's 7500 tonnes of cardboard.

Cardboard that is typically used once or twice. Research says that about a third of cardboard ends up in landfills.

As for the rest of it, think of the energy involved in recycling thousands of tonnes of cardboard to make new low-grade packaging!


We decided to research other options. What if there was a way to move home or office that was not only more efficient and less expensive but significantly reduced our carbon footprint?

Interestingly, since the seventies in the UK and eighties in the USA, the office and corporate sectors have been using similar crates to our ReloCrates.

Now in New Zealand we can get rid of old fashioned, expensive cardboard boxes and take advantage of this fast, efficient, convenient service!

ReloCrates are a fantastic way to pack up your home or office for a move. Not only do they reduce your moving time and stress, they also cost less and are environmentally friendly!

No more tape! ReloCrates are delivered to your door and collected again after you move! Check out our PRODUCTS AND ORDERING page.