Why ReloCrate?

ReloCrates are affordable and convenient!

When you factor in the cost of locating, buying, assembling and disposing of cardboard moving boxes, ReloCrates make great economic sense for your move. We deliver and pick up our crates - no assembly required. Have a stress free move with ReloCrate.

How ReloCrate works - in a nutshell...

ReloCrate is that simple!

They stack and pack easily, making much better use of truck or storage space. That could mean fewer trips are required.

ReloCrates are easy to lift. They can be stacked or nested, saving space.

And security? ReloCrates are lockable if you require it, affording better protection for your belongings during the move.

ReloCrates are tough! They won't bend out of shape

Don't worry about your boxes getting crushed when they are stacked in the truck. ReloCrates are crush-proof. Stack them to the roof if you need to!

Corporate Moves

From a Financial and Efficiency Perspective, it's a No-Brainer!

Down-time costs money! Co-ordinate an efficient corporate relocation while keeping work flow interruption to a minimum. ReloCrates help make packing and moving a fast and easy experience. Minimise the impact of moving on your bottom line.

We drop-off and pick up crates at a time convenient for you. We deliver them to your office, complete with labels and security ties if required.

ReloCrates are ready to be packed right away - fill the crate, fold over the lid and, if required, zip lock it– done! Company belongings stay secure, less prone to interference.

Moving companies love ReloCrates - they stack easily and don't slide off eachother - all this helps minimise moving hours and reduces cost

After your move, the empty ReloCrates can be nested in stacks until pick up.

All this convenience, and an environmentally responsible solution as well. Show your corporate responsibility when you move office - use ReloCrate!